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The Syllabus for Ceramics 1- Professor Adero Willard
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Ceramics 1 Syllabus-F2016

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Official Academic Calendar 2016-2017
Course Description: 
Introduction to the medium of clay, including an understanding of the process by which clay is mixed, formed into pottery and sculpture, and fired into permanent ware. Aesthetic application with regard to art history and contemporary activity is emphasized.

Reading may be required in the form of handouts given to you by your professor.

Although you may be required to go to the library for research, no textbook will be required in this course

To develop basic clay construction skills: wedging, pinch, coil, slab, throwing, and basic surface treatment possible techniques that may be covered are: sgraffito, inlay, majolica, under-glaze, and glaze.
To develop a basic comprehension of the properties of clay
To introduce basic three-dimensional design concepts and learn how to evaluate/critique art works.
To gain some knowledge of ceramic art from contemporary and past sources.
To develop skills in idea development and planning.

Class Structure:
Attendance Policy: 
Do not schedule outside appointment during class time unless you are willing to take an absence to do so. 
Attendance is mandatory. A fourth absence will result in a full letter grade drop, withdrawn from class, or an F for a grade. However, please do not assume that three absences are allotted as part of the course. Points will be taken for each absence, so use absences only for emergencies. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed. Instructor time will not take time away from other students in order to give you missed information.

  •  If you miss classes you may sacrifice an A even if you are doing A worthy work
  • Be prepared to use your student email.  I may contact you throughout the semester via HCC email about class information.
  •  Three to four projects will be assigned all must be completed in order to pass this class. If a project is not completed you may be withdrawn, given a failed grade, or an incomplete.
  •   Demonstrations and or presentations will often be given at the beginning of class. Be on time!!!
  •   Your professor must formally accept all projects outside of given class assignments.
  •   Lab hours are available to complete project outside of class time- Mandatory 2-6 hours are necessary!
  •   A tutor is available. Please use this resource as needed. Sign up is in the CAPS center
  •  Written assignments or sketches may be looked at individually or as a group at the beginning of class
  •   Critiques of finished projects can happen individually or as a group during class time
  •  Have all your tools for class
  •   Complete written assignments on time and in your own words
  •  If image research, written research, or a sketch assignment is given, it must be submitted on paper. No images will be accepted on your phone or computer. You may be asked to leave to complete missing work.

HCC is an academic institution, it is not appropriate to make items for gifts or for sale in the ceramics facility

***Drug paraphernalia is not allowed to be made in the HCC ceramics facility.

Cleanup:  Due to the health risks of clay dust it is mandatory to thoroughly clean all personal and group work areas.  This includes all work surfaces, the floor, ware boards, throwing wheels, slab roller, plaster wedging tables, glaze area, tools, sinks etc.  The last 15 to 20 minutes of class will be spent cleaning and may involve mopping your area.  Assigned tasks may be given to each student. Points will be taken for leaving without cleanup.

Courtesy:  Students are required to act with respect and courtesy at all times and cooperate in creating a safe, pleasant and supportive learning environment. If you cause a disruption to the class the professor of that class may ask you to leave the room. We will keep a generally quiet classroom to provide a climate for serious and thoughtful work.

No cell phone use if permitted in the classroom at any time, so if you must take a call please step out of the classroom.

Each student is responsible for ensuring that his/her projects and materials are safely stored, displayed, installed, and removed from the classroom and critique space.
Final and Midterm Exams
The final and midterm exams/critiques are mandatory. It is your responsibility to know when a critique is scheduled and be at the midterm and final at the correct day and time. The date and time of the final will be posted in the classroom, but you can also find this time on the schedules posted throughout the school. No excuses will be accepted for not attending the exam. If you miss the final you may fail the class, or at the least your grade will be dropped to a c- or lower.

20% pinch project
25% Wheel
25% Slab or coil
30% slab or coil – Final Project with type written research paper

An average will be taken to get your final grade. Absences, preparedness, and participation will affect your overall grade. The instructor may decide to add or drop a project, which may affect the grading percentages of each project.
Other considerations for grading

Evaluating the success of a students work will take into consideration
Use of lab hours
Having tools for every class
Participation in class
Cleanup of your own and community workspaces
Following directions
Assignments completed on time
Research/sketches/preparedness for projects
Take notes during presentations and demonstrations
Extra effort in projects- do more then the minimum
Attention to detail/ craftsmanship
Attend all classes
Remaking a project when you think you could make it better

What will not be helpful to your success in this class
You show up unprepared for class: missing tools, research, or assignments due
Miss demonstrations and presentations
Missing assignments
Do not participate in cleanup of your own and communal workspace
Arrive late and leave early
Do less then the minimum

Work will be graded according to completion, participation, craftsmanship/execution, inventiveness and participation of the assignment. A project must be completed on time, but any project can be redone in order to improve on your grade. To get an “A” grade for the term, a student must attend every class, participate, and do more than the minimum, either trying variations on some of the projects, or doing extra projects that are designed, with the approval of the instructor.
Your professor, the School of Art and Art History, and the Ceramics Department are not responsible for student work left in public workspaces, installation spaces, the critique space, the shops, or the classrooms. Projects/materials left in public workspaces may be removed by your professor, the technician, or works study students.

Class break: students can take a 5-10 minute break in during classroom work time.
Headphones are acceptable during work time, as long as you keep the volume low or keep one ear bud out so that you can hear any instruction given in class. If this is abused you may be asked to turn off device and remove headphones

TOOL LIST!!!     Label your tools
Points will be taken from your grade for not having tools for each class. This is part of preparedness and preparation.
Sketchbooks- No smaller then 4 x 6. You can make your own.
You are required to keep a sketchbook for this class. It can be as small as Please don’t worry that you need to have skill in drawing. Your sketchbook will be for you keep notes, and research for your projects. Please always bring your sketchbook to class as it will be helpful as a learning tool. Learning the skill of keeping a sketchbook will help you in your future art making endeavors.

  • HCC library card- you will need this
  • Folder- Handouts, for collecting images, and your written assignments. Keep this syllabus there too!!!
  • Pencil and pen
  • Pottery/Clay Kit: wood modeling tool with sharp end, wire for slicing clay, sponge, double ended loop/ribbon tool, wooden or rubber rib, needle tool.
  • Metal fork
  • Large Plastic bags: Large garbage bags. Clear is ideal. (Sadly not biodegradable bags as they allow your pieces to dry).
  • One sheet of 80 grit sandpaper
  • 2 large yogurt containers with lids.
  • Large towel- this is more important then you think.
  • Ruler: 12 inches

Small spray bottle,  Paint brushes: one each: 1” flat, 2” flat soft brushes—most places have these for $1-$3 cheap,
Metal Cerrated rib- See picture below
Hard steel fettling knife
Chinese brushes and an assortment of smaller round brushes (#1-5) for painting on clay, 1 Exacto knife (with protective
cap. Art supply or office supply store) or spear tip sgraffito/ clean-up tool (Order from Bailey   Ceramics Supply or
Sheffield Pottery)

ART SUPPLY STORES- Bring your student Id for discounts- Call ahead to make sure they have the tools you need

Amherst Potters Supply East Street, Hadley, MA. Call before going, hours are unreliable.

Artist Supplies Easthampton, 67 Cottage Street

AC MOORE at the Holyoke Ingleside Mall. (Only has individual tools verses kit.)

Guild Art Store, Main St., Northampton.

HCC Bookstore—has some but not all!

Michael’s Art Supply 1083 Riverdale, West Fallfield or Rte 9, Hadley.

UMASS University Store.

Online Pottery Supply stores

Sheffield Pottery Supply,

Bailey Pottery Supply,

The Ceramic Store

Ceramic Supply Inc

HCC is committed to full inclusion of all students. Students who by nature of a documented disability require classroom equipment, testing, or assignment accommodations should notify the instructor. Students may also speak with the office for students with disabilities at 522-2417 to request accommodations. Your immediate attention to these arrangements is necessary to assure a positive learning experience.

Must have tools:

Optional tools

Apron Fettling_Knife cerrated rib Bamboo brushesoptional gallery

Hair_ties hand-lotion x acto

You can email me or ask a question below. I will get back to you within 24 hours